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Ein Verfahren, was in Deutschland entwickelt wurde und erfolgreich in Asien bei den meisten Bandscheibenvorfällen eingesetzt wird. Heute revolutioniert diese Anwendung wieder Europa.

Bandscheibenvorfall Minimalchirurgie (MIC)
Spine endoscopy for disc herniation

The most modern and least damaging method of operating on a herniated disc in the spine is spinal endoscopy. Here, a working channel is widened to about 1 cm in diameter only by means of a guide wire inserted into the skin. Then, through a working sleeve, the endoscope is introduced into the spinal canal or nerve window through the muscles of the long back extensor. Now, under continuous irrigation and perfect visibility, the herniated disc can be visualized and removed. After removal of the endoscope and the working sleeve, the back muscles lie before us again just as intact as before the operation. The problem of adjacent level disease or chronic back pain after spinal surgery is virtually non-existent here.